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"I only wanted a new logo..."
Once upon a time there was a Therapist who needed help...
Frustrated by some last minute client cancellations and the resultant lost income (that was to become holiday spending money no less!), Zeta Rankin said to her husband James on the first day of their summer vacation in 2007 that it would be so much better if only there was a way to get her regular clients to pay each month in a way that meant even if they had to re-schedule their appointments now and then, they could do it without it in turn effecting the regularity of the payments. "But don't worry about it" she said, "you're on holiday...if you can just give me a new logo that would be great."

Being unable to relax, straight away James' mind went into overdrive thinking about this problem. "Like a gym membership for beauty treatments you mean?".

Kind of, except unlike a gym we didn't want to make money from people who didn't use the service, we just wanted it to be easier for the client and us to buy and sell the service.

Also the difference is that with a gym you can use it as much as you like, but with health and beauty treatments everything is delivered by a therapist and therefore their time has a cost. This meant that there did have to be limits to how much time you could get in your membership.

The other issue was that no one therapist does everything. As a client this means that you typically have to deal with a few different therapists to get a high quality of treatment across a range of different disciplines.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get all of the treatments you wanted, through one company, all through one simple monthly payment? We then thought about how people buy their mobile phones...we would be selling time after all.

We decided that just like with your mobile phone, you should be able to 'Pay as you go' and book individual adhoc treatments (which is how this industry essentially works), but also if you did have regular treatments, you should be able to benefit from lower prices and value added services in exchange for committing to a monthly contract.

So we ended up with an idea for a membership service where you buy time to pay for health and beauty treatments.

A quick search and £500 later www.therapyclub.com was purchased. But what about the strapline? Well the whole concept was about time, time for people to look after themselves.

So both as a call to arms and as a description of the service 'It's time to look after yourself' seemed to work perfectly.

Anyway, that's what we did on the first day of our holiday in 2007!

What happened next? Within a few months we had launched Therapy Club and started delivering our services to private and corporate clients in their homes and offices.

In the summer of 2008 we delivered an event for the John Lewis Partnership in Milton Keynes. 4 years and over 150 events later we have treated 1000's of clients and continue to work for them and other clients across the country.

The moral of the story? Don't talk about work when you go on holiday! :-)

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